How remote working has transformed the telco industry

Selling in the telecommunications industry used to be simple: commercial buildings relied on commercial services, and residential ones fell into the retail category. However, when the COVID-19 crisis hit, it forced swathes of Britons to work from home for months on end, meaning that their broadband ended up being used for both business and personal purposes.

About the author

Tom Castley, Vice President of Sales, UK Outreach.

While working from home certainly has its benefits, it has caused a lot of disruption. Today, Britons use the same network for confidential business data as well as their social media accounts, which can leave a gaping security hole without the right cybersecurity practices in place. Home networks also need to provide bandwidth that can cope with Zoom usage for eight hours followed by an extra three of Netflix, something most retail services never needed to condone with previously.

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