Reveals a relationship with a younger man Sharon Stone ended after she refused to get Botox

In Stone’s September cover story for Vogue Arabia, she spoke about her experience dating the younger man and how their relationship changed when he asked her if she uses Botox.

She recalls telling him they would both probably get a good ego boost if she did, but that wasn’t something that was in the cards for her. The relationship ended shortly after that, but Stone didn’t let that affect her, noting she didn’t want someone in her life who only valued her beauty.

Sharon Stone opened up to Vogue Arabia about her thoughts on aging naturally and how a younger man she was once dating asked her if she uses Botox. The relationship ended shortly after.

“I saw him one more time after that and then he wasn’t interested in seeing me anymore,” Stone told the magazine. “If you don’t see me for more than that, you’ll please find your way to the exit.”

A bad experience with Botox, which led to health complications, made her change her perspective on Botox and other injectables.

There is a good reason the “Basic Instinct” star has chosen not to use injectables to reverse the aging process. She admits to using them when she was younger but has effectively ruled them out.

“There were periods in the super fame when I got Botox and filler and stuff, and then I had this massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage, and I had to have over 300 shots of Botox and filler to make the one side of my face come up again,” she explained.

Her health scare involving injectables and their necessity in her recovery process changed the way she looked at them. They went from being a “cute luxury” to “some kind of massive, painful neurological need.”

“I posted it because I feel like women become invisible once we become moms, and you’re 45 and people walk by you like you’re not there,” the 64-year-old actress shared.

The picture was taken during a fun afternoon when she and her girlfriends took turns taking pictures of one another other and making each other feel good about themselves.

Stone explained that she and her friends have made a deal to constantly try and raise each other’s self-esteem because “life doesn’t always make you feel like a winner as you grow older.”