The best Ultrabooks 2021: the best thin and light laptops

The best Ultrabooks of 2021 have redefined what a quality computing experience looks like. It’s for good reason that these machines sit at the higher end of the market, after all. They often rank among the best laptops available and are more than worth the cost, though. Whether it’s high-end internals like the best processors, the best SSDs, and even graphics cards, the elegant design, or the included feature sets, these are premium inside and out.

What’s most striking about the best Ultrabooks is how they pack all that performance, not to mention long battery life, in such a slender form factor. It’s no wonder they’ve become the status symbols of the laptop world. Essentially, get one of these if you care about a lightweight, slim machine that can keep up with all your computing needs while also delivering fantastic battery life.

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